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About Varied / Hobbyist Member Geoffrey W. friends call me Jeff, Fate and fatedemo *cause of the Game RuneScape*21/Male/United States Group :iconreaper-federation: REAPER-FEDERATION
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A Secret Journal_Emma by flutistmin

over all the colors are bright and the face is very very nice. the book to me i think, blends in with her shirt just a tad but not a lo...


Geoffrey W. friends call me Jeff, Fate and fatedemo *cause of the Game RuneScape*
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Favorite styles of art: Freehand pencil, pen, computer, 3D

Computers : LENOVO, DELL, I love vista for the MS paint.

MP3 player of choice: any thing that works.

Wallpaper of choice: home made.

Favorite cartoon character: (s) my Corbix Maxwell, samurai Juno, and team punk Ben and Code: RXT Jeff.

Personal Quote: one band 2 sounds 1 slightly better than the other. (insert instrament name here)


My Youtube channel:…

Facebook Below ** if you do add me please send a message 1st.**

newest updates are always at the bottom.

----------(Game Update 10 : 12/22/2013)----------

Updates and Fixes i have done to the game, since the last update post:

Added a working money system. ( players can now spend and earn money ) (2)

added a shield system ( the health script was modified to fit the need. ) ( when the player takes damage, the player's shield will decrease before going into the health portion.) (2)

Added a shop system, now players can buy items with the money they will have earned in the game, via doing quests/missions , killing enemies, or arena matches ( online ).

Added a character customization system into the game. ( players will now be able to customize their character throughout the game.) the options you will have for the character customization system include : Hair color, Skin color, Clothing color, Wearable items and unlockable items, and misc. items. i am still adding items into the game for this feature.

Added Attacking enemies (enemies will now attack the player, if in a certain range, and cause damage.)

Added Custom animations to NPC characters. ( looked cool ).

Added  custom version of the L.O.D. "Level Of Detail" system ( when the player goes into a big map, half of the map will be deactivated until the player goes to that part of the map.) Saves the computer from a ton of lag.

Updated the GH-0-ST Rail's graphic look, and added a few simple animated features to it. (1)

Fixed elevators, so players will not fall through the floor as they go up and or down.

things to: Do, Fix, Improve and add to the game:

finish up the game's intro. 

add a "SELL" feature to the items that the player will obtain or buy from shops.

animate my crew's Chef that is still stuck in the floor.... (he's been like that since update 7) ....  lol ...

Request help from friends, for voicing some of the characters in my game.  ( 200 + characters will need a voice, and that is not even half of them). As far as i know, 4 friends of mine, along with myself will be voicing some characters.

Add a few training sessions on the main Menu to inform the player how the game functions, and what to expect.

--------------------------(end of Update)--------------------

(1) updated GH0ST Rail

(2) Shield System

----------(Game Update 11 : 1/5/2014)----------

Updates and Fixes i have done to the game, since the last update post:

Updated the entire First and Third person mode: now first and third person are now ONE unit and function as intended.

Added the "State Machine" to all NPCs and Players. ( works so well ) (1)

Updated the Enemy HP and Follow Scripts (they will now make use of Unity's State Machine operations.

Added controllable bones for the third person mode. and Masked out the model's unit in First person. ( makes it easy to aim while in third person mode)

(1)State Machine for the Enemy NPCs
Token1016 by ownerfate
things to: Do, Fix, Improve and add to the game:

Work on Mech Mode {:bulletgreen:}

start work on the rest of the game

implant a Mission / Quest system {:bulletgreen:}

import a functional mini game.

start the Training areas ( mech, foot, and Craft ) training 

Start adding voices to characters.

--------------------------(end of Update)--------------------

----------(Game Update 12 : 2/3/2014)----------

Updates and Fixes i have done to the game, since the last update post:

Added a fully working mission System

Added a faster way of getting back the the mission Deck.  
talking to these NPCs will take you back to the mission deck, on the respected faction the player joins.

Zoe Reaper Federation  
Marcus Reaper Federation 

 anna Queen's Guard
 Katt Queen's Guard

Cyrus Axis Armada 
Jade Axis Armada 

Update Players can Now use mechs, along with other weapons.

Fixed a way to show completed missions, by adding a Check mark and disabling the mission, and automatically opening the next mission available.  (1)

(1). player with a completed mission.

--------------------------(end of Update)--------------------

Game Update 13 : (3/15/2014)

Updates and Fixes i have done to the game, since the last update post:

Added: a Mech editor.  
now the player can customize their Mech. 

Added: a Rank System. now the player can rank up via completing missions, killing monsters or doing small mini games.

Updated: the Character Editor V1 to the CE2 ( Character Editor 2) this version is close to the mech editor in how it works and functions. the player can toggle between camera angles as they click on the interface they wish to edit.

Fixed: Mission 2 on the first set. now the mission can be completed without glitching up anymore.

Added: 4 screen sizes now the player can play the game on 4 screen sizes by pressing  : F12
the sizes are: ( 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1366x768, 1680x1050) I will add more later after i config. all the screens to the right size

things to: Do, Fix, Improve and add to the game:

  • Finish Rank System
  • Finish and connect Deck 3 to the rest of the game model objects for it.
  • Finish adding hair styles to the Male and Female characters in the editor.
  • Make the cut scene with the first boss in the game. ( yes or no ) type of cut scene.
  • Adjust XP (Rank Up Xp) to alter player's stats as necessary.
  • Add more NPC Monsters that will grant the player more XP

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